The seeds of yoga were planted long before I ever heard the word yoga.  I was a quirky, creative kid who was curious about everything and everyone around me, especially that which seemed magical and mysterious.  I could lose myself for hours in fictional stories as well as the family encyclopedias.

In 1994, I was encouraged to try yoga by a friend and fellow runner.  I purchased two Living Arts VHS tapes:  Yoga for Athletes with Rodney Yee and Yoga for Beginners with Patricia Walden.  After practicing with the videos for six months, I received a copy of Light on Yoga.  I was hooked and became a dedicated practitioner.   I completed my first teacher training in 2005 and continue to study with many fine teachers.

I have devoted over twenty years of study and practice to the art of yoga, including asana, anatomy and therapeutics, philosophy, mantra, and meditation.  My classes are challenging, empowering, and heart-centered.  For me, yoga has been a journey to authenticity, and so I encourage creativity, individuality, self-trust, and self-acceptance in my workshops.  My classes are designed to help you remove the roadblocks on your creative path so that you can create your masterpiece.